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My Name is Ulla, also referred to as ‘‘Namlish Mama”. With 4 beautiful, energetic kids, an extremely loving husband and an 8-5, my life is stacked with various responsibilities, skills and experiences that I have to share! Namlish Mama is a Namibian platform that celebrates food, culture, family, and of course, the ability to learn, create and laugh together. The desire to encourage the role of food in maintaining Namibian culture and heritage has been a longstanding goal that I am excited to share with you!

To promote the role of being a traditional wife and mother, I will demonstrate various and easiest ways to prepare various Namibian cuisine, maintain a natural skincare routine, develop a household budget that caters for everyone and leaves room for savings, emergencies and investments. In addition to these significant responsibilities, I will also provide traditional guidance and instructions to newly married ladies on maintaining various roles in a household, work and social life. Follow my Journey and let’s create!