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Twisted Doughnut

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It’s easy to make, this can be snack and tastes great with the sugar on it.

    3 servings
    10 minute
  • Cook TIME
    30 minutes

120g butter

1 Full cup of milk

3 table spoon of sugar

1 Half table spoon of salt

1 x large Egg



1. Melt the butter 2. Add the 1 full cup of milk 3. Add salt 4. Add Sugar and Mix well 5. Add 1 or 2 eggs then mix well 6. Add 1 pack of yeast mix well and let it set for 5 min 7. Add 3 cup of flowers and mix well 8. Cover the dough using a lead, plastic wrap, or kitchen cloth let the dough rest for 45 min to 1:30 hours in a warm place. 9. Deflate and assure the dough is soft and smooth and let it rest again for 45 min after this it should have double up in size 10. Deflate the dough, sparkles the dry flour and divide into smaller pieces, and make nice balls 11. Roll the balls into twisted shape doughnuts 12. Let them rest for 10 min to expand cover with Plastic wrap or kitchen Cloth. 13. Heat up the cooking oils in a pan at 380 degree 14 Add the doughnuts roll and fry for 2-3min each side or until brown 15. For coating Mix white sugar and cinnamon in a paper bag, add the doughnuts and shake them in the paper bag for coating.


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