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Oshingali Recipe (Black- eyed mashed beans)

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Oshingali or black-eyed mashed bean is a popular Oshiwambo traditional dish that is rich in nutrition. It has a rich creamy texture and very tasty. Oshingali is served drizzled in Marula oil and Served with pap.

    3 servings
    10 minute
  • Cook TIME
    30 minutes
Black- eyed beans
Warm water
1 ½ of salt Cooking oil
Method 1: Cleaning
  1. Sort out your beans, remove any foreign object like rock etc. and put them into a clean bowl
  2. Pour the water into the beans immediately all the other left over foreign object will form up at the top remove them and the not so good quality beans also form up at the top and remove them
  3. Wait for 3-5 min for the beans to sock and using your hand rub through the beans removing the peels. But doing so you also start removing the peel from the bowl, this process also require you to keep removing and adding new water until the beans are well cleaned.

Method 2: Cooking
  1. Add a 1 litre of water into a pot
  2. Add 1 ½ spoon of Salt
  3. Add 4 spoon of cooking oil
  4. Add the cleaned bean
  5. Cook for 45-60 min
  6. Avoid to stir the pot on the first 30 min to prevent the burn under
  7. Once soft and well-cooked mash the bean together using a wooden spoon. To serve Optimal
  8. Add Marula oil ( Ondjove) and enjoy
  9. Or 9. Add Marula Kernel Paste (Omwayi)


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