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Fried salted Talapia fish (Zambezi bream)

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Tilapia is an inexpensive type of fish that many people love because it is relatively affordable and doesn’t taste very fishy. It cooks very fast and so delicious, you can serve tilapia Fish with Rice, Potatoes Chips or Porridge.

    3 servings
    10 minute
  • Cook TIME
    30 minutes

3x Fresh Talapia Fish
1 ½ Salt
1 spoon of Black peppercorn
1 Cup Cooking oil
Fresh -Lemon

  1. After cleaning the Fish dry the fish with a Kitchen towel paper (Click the link below on how to clean your fish) 
  2. Add the fish with a pitch of salt ( ½ spoon)
  3. Add the crushed black peppercorn 
  4. Prepare 1 cup of cooking oil at 350 degree in a frying pan
  5. Add your Fish to the oil for 3-5 min on each side or until you see the fish turn brown 
  6. Squeeze the fresh lemon to the fish


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